Illumination Worship

John 8:12


Who is Illumination Worship?…

There’s a generation of youth, living in our society, that is being rocked to sleep by the enemy’s deception. They are in our schools, work, churches, and even our homes. Day by day they are pulled further and further away from God and into the darkness, not even realizing that their life is being destroyed. All of their hopes and dreams are crushed for the pleasure of the moment. But we believe in a merciful, Holy Father. One that waits for his children to run into the illumination of his glory and wake up from their deep sleep. We believe God is calling us to reach out to the ones in the darkness and introduce them to His beautiful light and let them experience a love that transforms their life.


Illumination Worship is about spreading light. The vision behind this ministry is to share the light of God in a personal and intimate way with as many people we can. Whether through worship music, evangelism, teaching, or simply being there for someone, we desire to be a light in the darkness.

We are a very practical ministry. We’re not funded by a mega church or dozens of sponsors, we’re actually fresh out of high school and looking for the next step that God has in our life. At our age it is easy to see the influence that the world has on specifically the youth of today’s society, and that is where our hunger to serve is rooted in. We believe that, as Jesus says in John 8:12 (NIV), we really do carry “the light of life” when we follow Him.


Worship is our expression of His light. Going deep with God and soaking in His presence can bring supernatural change in our life. Thomas Anslinger shares that “[he] loves being able to get intimate with God during worship and have the chance to minister to those who are lost and saved. Shining Christ’s light in all we do is key to bringing the lost home. Matthew 5:16”


The heartbeat of this ministry is the application of worship as a lifestyle. Isaac Mann’s perspective is that “the church will never grow nor flourish if the hands and feet of Christ (being us) are not actively loving the lost and broken. There is a need to restore the grey in our society to black and white, for the compromise and hypocrisy of the church to be replaced with honor and accountability, and that God’s light would illuminate the darkness of the world.”