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John 8:12

Note to Worship Leaders

Posted by on Oct 18, 2014

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I’ve been thinking lately about what it’s like to get up in front of a crowd of people and lead a congregation in worship. For worship leaders, this is a task that many can either overcomplicate or underestimate. It’s so much more than strumming a guitar or playing a piano, the leading of worship comes in the way you communicate with God and the congregation simultaneously.

This is where God showed me something very simple yet very powerful. There is a strong correlation in the confidence and authority you have on stage to speak to the congregation prophetically and the relationship you have with the Father in your personal time. When I think to times that I have slacked in my personal walk with God, there has been a noticeable tendency for me to shut my eyes and just play the music hoping that I myself would have a redeeming moment with God for my own walk with Him. But what He showed me was that this time of leading the congregation was not the time for personal moments of getting lost with God (though this still does thankfully happen) it is a time to be used by God to tap into what He is trying to say to the people you are leading at that moment.

And what I have noticed is that by being a blessing to others and pouring out the gift God has given you, instead of feeling empty inside, God replenishes you in those times and fills you up. And what is great is that it isn’t limited to the “church jobs”, this goes for all walks of life! As you’re pouring out God’s love, He fills you up.

Just a thought.


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